EPIC compilation for the end of 2014. Sam McMahon from Whitelines handpicked this amazing video.

“The amount of online edits that get passed to us every day is astonishing – it’s unfortunate that there are only so many hours in the day to post and share the best of them.”

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Footage taken from the movies:

Absinthe – Heavy Mental
Pirates Productions – Perceptions
The Impaler
Brothers Factory – Los Bum
Shredbots The Movie
Oakley – Snowboarding For Me
adidas – Nomad
CAPiTA – Defenders of Awesome 2
Dylan Thompson – Full Part 2014
Dan Brisse – GoPro Roof Gap
Sexual Snowboarding – NoToBo
Matt Chase – Mid Season 2014
Grindhouse – Hallucinate
Louif Paradis – Deja Vu B-Roll
Lucas Magoon – Halloween
Seb Toots – Street Edit 2014
Scotty Vine – Full Part 2014
Burton Presents…
Victor de Le Rue – Full Part 2014
Christian Haller – Memoires Memoires
Shaun White – Yolo GoPro
Jamie Nicholls – Forged in Steel
Stale Sandbech – Winterstarter
Jonny Pickup – Last Days in America
Videograss at High Cascade
Nitro – Bad Seeds
Sven Thorgren – Stubai Shred
Rusty Toothbrush
Katie Ormerod – World’s First Female Double Cork
Christy Prior – Doing The Boarding
Fin Bremner – Stomping Ground
Xavier de Le Rue – Riding Ice
Pat Moore’s Blueprint
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