Svalbard, EPIC sailing and skiing adventure… Last winter, photographer Adam Clark went across the world with group of skiers who are not afraid of adventure. This is his story about sailing and skiing in Svalbard.

The group of islands is located between 74 and 81 degrees north latitude: it is the safest place in the north of the world with a permanent population. I guess it makes sense administratively Svalbard is separated from the rest of Norway, and has its own local government. Svalbard is covered 60% of glaciers. The remaining 40% are covered with snow during most of the year, and the mountains stand amongst the islands and coastline. Most of these mountains rising to 1300 meters, the highest measuring 1717 meters. We were a group of 8 and we had nine days to explore the fjords of Svalbard aboard the Arctica II, a sailing boat 12 meters led by our hosts, and Helga Stein. I had to shoot Johan Johnson and Dave Rosenbarger, both skiers.

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