Czechs Ski touring Montenegro

Lukas Picmaus, Tomas Laburda and Petr Neuwirth, are a group of friends (freeriders) from the Czech Republic. They were ski touring Montenegro in early april and here is the report.

As last time, we received a warm welcome from hearty people, great cuisine with traditional coffee and of course beautiful mountains. Our goal was to climb the mountain Bobotov Kuk in Durmitor mountain range and Maja Jezerce in Prokletije. Unfortunately, the weather was against us. A longer stay in higher mountain altitudes became complicated and quite dangerous due to the substantial snowfall. However, even in such heavy conditions Montenegro has proved to be a good destination with wide range of skiing possibilities. We aimed our attention to the ski resorts Savin Kuk and Kolasin 1450, where the uncomfortable snowfall turned out to be an excellent powder maker. These resorts offered us seemingly endless possibilities of various descents available, full of great snow. Nevertheless, in the following four days we could taste it only lightly. That’s also why we wondered, already during our journey through the Hungarian plains back home, when it will be possible for us to visit Montenegro again and complete the work we have obviously left unfinished.

After arriving to Zabljak we started preparation for our trip

After arriving to Zabljak we started preparation for our trip

Ascending the Velika kalica valley

Ascending the Velika kalica valley

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-02a

Great views from Velika kalica. The weather is perfect. Unfortunately not for long

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-03

Almost the end of the valley. We can already see the top of Istocni vrh and slopes of Terzin bogaz

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-04

Alpski bivak Dr. Rastko Stojanovic

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-05

Terzin bogaz is close. But we aim for the summit of Bobotov kuk

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-06

Back from the trip, the weather was againts us. We appreciate the comfort of the bivak, there is a storm out there

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-07

Next morning we have to descend back. 30 cm of fresh snow and the mist everywhere gave no choice

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-08

The substitute plan to enjoy new powder. Savin kuk ski resort, unfortunately with the cable way out of order. Whatever, we have skins

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-09

Let’s go! And taste the mist

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-10

Woohooo. It works 🙂

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-11

Difficult conditions not just for the skiers

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-12

Another place, another dimension of joy. Kolasin 1450 ski resort and it’s challenging forests

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-12a

The snow is unbelievable. Fresh and deep

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-12b

We draw the lines into it for the whole endless day

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-13

But come on! We are here for 7 days and still without any top reached! What about the one called Kluc

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-14

It was easy and therefore possible even in the windstorm. Achieved!

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-15

Now we can pick the line for the descend from the Kluc summit back to the resort

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-16

I chose this one

Czechs Ski-touring-Montenegro-17

… But now we already have to head for home. See you next time, Montenegro!


Riders: Lukas Picmaus, Tomas Laburda, Petr Neuwirth
Photo: Tomas Laburda, Petr Neuwirth