Since young I’ve been seduced by the magic of the snow and mountains. As I was growing up me and my friends started exploring the terrain out of the ordinary slopes here at Popova Šapka (mountain resort at Shar Mountain which spreads through Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

Once we got ourselves out from the slopes the game got all new direction and there was no turning back. The resort has really nice opportunity for freeride because the mountain is wide open and with the chair lift to the pick of Ceripashina that goes from 1800m to 2400m you have many opportunities of where to ride on the south face of the mountain.

After getting more experienced in the freeride we started going a bit further to discover new places which ware hiding in the north side of the mountain and this places are been operated by the Eskimo freeride operation here in Popova Shapka for the last 10 years.

Now I’m working as a guide at this operation for 3 years and at this video you can see some of the beauty of our playground.