We saw trailer back in the December, now here is the full movie Reach The Horizon. The world lies in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and who take the risk of living out their dreams.

You know it’s weird, since when you were born, they always told you to study, to find a good job, to buy a house, to fall in love and get old with your wife and your children. But inside you there was always been that feeling of emptiness to be filled, you always wondered how was the world far away from te reach of your eyesight, how was the colour of the Ocean and the smell of the wild lans… And so you began to dream more and more, stretching your hand to reach the horizon, to catch that burning desire, to make that dream come true…


DIRECTED BY : Riccardo Chemello
EDITING / FILMING: Riccardo Chemello, Massimiliano Takacs
ATHLETES: Luigi Lorenzi, Massimiliano Takacs, Gian Marco Oddo

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