From humble beginnings, complex family dynamics and tragic, life-changing events, to her unlikely rise to success in two very different worlds: fashion modeling and professional skiing. “How Did I Get Here” is a coming-of-age story, full of adventure, exploration, heartbreak, growth and inspiration.


Full Feature Releases iTunes December 15th.

Director: Chris Kitchen
Executive Producer: Circe Wallace
Producer: Sierra Quitiquit
Director of Photography: Chris Kitchen
Associate Producer: Pedro Echart & Sam Pope
Original Score: Ian McLeod
Creative Direction and Art design: Brad Mamo
Graphics and Titles: Ryan Griffin
Editor: Chris Kirkpatrick
Additional Cinematography: Aaron Lieber, Sam Pope, Forrest Woodward
Todd Jones, Chris Kirkpatrick, Nick Kaliz Fabian Gattlen , Chris Patterson, Josh Haskins,
Nick Waggner, Micahel Brown, Zac Ramas, Ben Sturgulewski
Distributor: The Orchard
Staring: Sierra Quitiquit, Julia Mancusco
Tomomi Kanazawa, Alex Quitiquit, Cole Quitiquit