This is very sad day for skiing and action sports in general. One true hero (Erik Roner, 1976-2015) just died in skydiving accident! He was a great person and inspiration to many. His talent end humour will live forever! Here are couple of wise words from his part in TGRs One For The Road movie.

For many year … I felt like I’ve been living out of suitcase and from the very beginning it was always a dream like I wanna travel, I wanna be on the road… and its a great life, I wouldn’t  trade it for anything in the world. But it is a challenge!?

Leaving the Wife is hard, for one thing… but then you have this little kid at home and that makes it that much  harder

As hard as it is to leave home, get on the plane and get to fly somewhere else, I’ve become so accustomed to that part of my life, and I don’t know what I would do with ought it!

Erik Roner, One For The Road, 2011




TGR Crew back in 2011 on the location, Kolašin – Montenegro


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