Short film about downhill skier Aksel Lund Svindal. Aksel’s remarkable comeback from his Beaver Creek crash in 2007 is a true testament to his superior mental strength. In fact, his focus is so strong that he does not blink once during a 2 minute run…

Regular TV-broadcasted downhill races do not re!ect the actual speeds nor the unbelievable forces which alpine downhill athletes endure. More importantly, it is impossible for the TV viewer to grasp the fear and mental pressure these athletes expose themselves to. Blink of an eye is our attempt to show how raw downhill skiing really is.


Director – Niels Windfeldt
Producer – Andreas Braten
Executive producer – Kristian Kjelman
Music – Trond G. Hansen
Sound design – Trond G. Hansen
Filmers – Andreas Johannessen, Niels Windfeldt, Matt Pain, Trond G. Hansen
Color Consultant – Julien Alary
Drone Pilot/Grip – Daniell P. Ashby
Motion Graphics – Process films
Title design – Dennis Magnus-Andresen
Production assistants – Kisse Haugland and Knut Løkås
Helishots – Magic air
Partners – Telenor, Red Bull, Head, Oakley, Alpinco and Norgesskiforbund