Adidas Snowboarding dropped the first part of their new Nomad series. It takes place in Hokkaido. The crew was test the new 2014/2015 winter collection.

Under the guide of Kazuhiro Kokubo, the crew head deep into the Asahikawa region of the Hokkaido backcountry and score the kind of conditions you’d expect from a country renowned for having some of the deepest powder of the planet: deep, bottomless turns, the softest landings and faceshots for days. Kazu, Jake Blauvelt, Eric Jackson and Helen Schettini all get in on the action and watching this had us drooling all over our keyboards.


Riders: Jake Blauvelt, Eric Jackson, Kazu Kokubo, Helen Schettini, Keegan Valaika, Forest Bailey, Louif Paradis

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